What is Six Streets?

Six Streets is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious community group. It exists to increase neighbourliness and friendship.

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Our Story

This is how Six Streets started; from the beginning It was important that we  keep activities and events accessible to as many residents as possible by raising money - hopefully in ways that encourage neighbourliness.  

2007 - Wheeldon Ave Group

Jenny started the ball rolling when she realised that she wanted to know her neighbours better. She delivered this letter to near neighbours and then met up in the Jonty. A Christmas fuddle was suggested and that was the start of the Wheeldon Avenue Group.

Expanding ...

The Wheeldon Ave Group didn't know how great the other streets were e.g. White St had already organised their centenary street party but there came a time when we thought Easter and Hallowe'en would work on a larger scale.  Letters went out to about 350 households and many responded.

Six Streets

The expansion has meant more people bringing more ideas. The range of events and activities would not be possible without hard work from residents of all streets. Further neighbourhood grants from the council as well as from companies like Rolls Royce and the Co-op have helped with costs such as insurance and website.We have also raised money through events such as the Neiighbourhood Sales and Arts Trail (cafe pictured).

Events and Activities

There are many events and activities through the year. Many happen monthly such as the At  Homes, Walking Together and Playing Out (though not over the winter) along with others that take place every year or two such as Easter, Hallowe'en, Carol Singing, Advent Windows, Arts Trail and Neighbourhood Sale. Craft Group is twice monthly with Friends Indeed holding frequent Tea and Chats.