"Lest We Forget"

Six Streets History are exploring the impact World War One had on our neighbourhood.This project has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund

All households in the Six streets area have received a copy of our history guide telling the stories of Six Street people in World War One.

If you are interested in receiving a copy or would like to enquire about more copies to give to friends or relations please contact us at [email protected]

Download a copy here

Listed below are the names of people in the area that we know were involved in some way with the war effort. Mainly it is men who served in with the armed forces, but we have also included the stories of women we know volunteered as Red Cross "Homeworkers" or as nurses in a local Auxiliary hospital on Duffield Road. We also look at how local children might have been involved in the war effort.

The range of stories we have encountered has been varied and we have discovered evidence to show a range of involvement with different branches of the armed forces and in different regiments. While we expected to find men who served with the Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby) Regiment we have also found men who served with the newly formed RAF and with the Navy.

Individual stories include the German Immigrant who joined the British Army in 1911 but was deemed "Surplus to Requirments" in 1915; the Conscientious Objector who went on to serve with the Non Combatant Corps and the boy of 17 who tried to sign up despite being underage.

The Research behind our Project

Our research list of men (below) who went away to fight is based on the Electoral Registers of 1918 and 1919. These voting registers listed if a man was away on active service. From this, and using the research we had already done on the 1911 census, we were able to draw up a list of men who were away fighting.  We have also used evidence from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to search for local men who were killed on active service.  Other names have been added to our list from evidence collected along the way: newspaper reports, church magazines and information from family members.

If we know details of a man's military record this is shown.  A blank next to a name means we still have to undertake research on this person. "KIA" in red meand that a man died on active service and "WIA" means we know they were injured in the course of their service. Sometimes the available records do not provide enough information for us to identify a person with certainity. About 40% of the military records from World War One were destroyed during an bombing raid on London in World War Two.

While our HLF funded project has finished we are continuing as a group to research the stories of local people in World War One

Thanks are due to all those who have helped with our project - especially descendents of people from this area who fought or volunteered in World War One.

If you have any information or pictures that relate to people listed we would love to hear from you.

Email: [email protected] or contact D Moss at 34 White Street

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 Our Project 

Wheeldon Avenue
  4 Herbert Bradley  Army Ordnance Corps
 6 Richard Henry Collumbell
 10th Highland Light Infantry
 11 Sarah Ann Farmer Red Cross VAD
 14 Archibald Frank Woodward  Army Service Corps (Motorised Transport)
 24 Ernest William Cook
 service history unknown
 25 Harry Walters Pool
 Army Service Corps (Motorised Transport)
 26 John Hewitt
 service history unknown
 27 Robert F D Milner service history unknown
 28 Ernest Garratt
 Army Ordnance Corps
 32 Jasper George Fletcher
 Army Ordnance Corps
 38 Stanley Crawford Smith  no conclusive records
 42 Stanley Holt
 Royal Navy
 George Brailsford
 Army Service Corps (Motorised Transport)
 44 Albert Wright
 Royal Naval Air Service
 44 Frank Wright  Royal Navy
 Arthur Baker  no information found
 55 Lancelot Arthur Wright
 no conclusive records
Statham Street
 18 Harry Sidney Bale
 18 John Dennis Bale
 18 Isaac Stevens
 20  Percy Darwin Lucas
 Royal Engineers
 22 Wilfred Ernest Hamp KIA Lincolshire Regiment
 23 William Redhall 
 24 Harry Lowles (snr)
 Royal Engineers (Inland Waterways Transport)
 Albert Edward Lowles
 East Surrey Regiment & Hampshire Regiment
 24 Harry Lowles (jnr)
 Artists' Rifles and Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby)
 30 Mary Beatrice Snell
 Red Cross VAD - nursing and cooking
 33 William Percival Mills
 Sherwood Foresters & RAF
 33 Laurence Butler Mills WIA
 King's Own Liverpool Regiment
 37 Reginald J O Severn KIA Sherwood Foresters
 Thomas George Clarke
 Sherwood Foresters/Royal Engineers
 43 George William Smith
 47 George Henry Beeson
 49 Ernest William Hallam
 Royal Garrison Artillery
 Reginald Seth Wood
 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
 52 Thomas Abel Archer
 52 John Henry Archer
 55 Arthur Taylor
 Royal Artillery
 55 Eric Taylor
 Royal Army Medical Corps
 Alfred Taylor
 Royal Engineers
 58 John Neaum
 British Army Rifle Brigade
 60 Archibald Adamson KIA Royal Field Artillery
 61 William E H Bradburn  8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars
Bromley Street
 13 Harold Kenneth Ward Allen
 Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby)
 14 Robert William Clayborn Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
 15 John McColgan
 no information found
 22 Clara Eleanor Lowe
 Red Cross VAD nurse
 26 Ellen Draper
 Home worker: Red Cross
 26 Robert William Draper KIA Army Service Corps (MT)
 30 William H Walkerdine no conclusive records
 33 Ernest George Smithson
 35 Albert Henry Branson
 37 Frederick Edwin Cope
 Royal Garrsion Artillery
 38 John Matthew Mills
 39 George Arthur Widdowson
 no conclusive records
 42 James Henry Betts
 45 Lucy Lilian Impey
 Red Cross VAD cook
White Street
 9 Ellen Pool Homeworker: Red Cross
 12 Richard Ernest Hagley Royal Air Force
 12 Leah Hagley
 Homeworker: Red Cross
 12 May de Soiza
 Homeworker: Red Cross
 13 Alfred Harold Averill
 Royal Garrison
 17 Horace Vincent Hague
 Royal Engineers
 25 Henry Bates
 27 Mary Richards  Homeworker: Red Cross
 30 Albert James Vernon Maxey  ? Royal Garrison Artillery
 30 Dennis George Maxey
 Army Cyclist Corps
 31 Clement Henry Bromley
 32 Alfred Ernest Lee
 32 George William Lee
 35 Arthur Norton
 40 Joseph Straw
 no conclusive records
 44 Clifford Stoppard Grundy
 Sherwood Foresters
 45 John (Jack) Hodgson    KIA
 Royal Engineers
 52 John Edward Bould
 53 Bertha Neal
 Homeworker: Red Cross
Park Grove
 3 Arthur Bertie Thompson
 ? Royal Garrison Artillery
 5 Sydney Frost Hurlstone
 Royal Fusiliers/Machine Gun Corps
 5 Herbert Alfred Hurlstone
 ? Protected Occupation (Pharmacist)
 9 George Alton KIA Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby)
 19 John Horace Mason
 Royal Artillery
 19 William Harris Mason
 21 Nicholas Alan Taylor WIA
 Royal Dublin Fusiliers
 31 Ernest Wilson Jackson
 Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby)
 33 Frank Turley Lloyd
 Royal Engineers
 46 Walter Ewald Boettcher
 The Border Regiment
 46 W H Brassington
 Rifle Brigade
 46 John Brassington King's Royal Rifle Brigade
 51 William Hunt
 Royal Field Artillery
 51 Frederick Hunt
 Royal Field Artillery
 53 James Ernest Yeomans
 Royal Flying Corps/RAF
 62 Edward Ewart Milner
 Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby)
 63 Minnie Elliss
 Red Cross VAD nursing sister
 64 Francis Bailey
 no records traced
 70 Ernest Gordon Darnell
 Seaforth Highlanders
 70 Agnes Marianne Darnell
 VAD clerk at Military Hospital
 79 William Orton
 82 Jennie Morris
 Home worker: Red Cross
Kedleston Road
 73 John Evans
 77 William Ernest Whiting KIA Royal Army Medical Corps
 80 Walter Goodwin
 Royal Artillery
 83 Frederick John Redfern
 Non Combatant Corps;Concientious Objector
 90 Arnold Statham KIA Seaforth Highlanders
 90 Jack Statham
 8th Hussars (discharged)
 90 Arthur Statham
 Seaforth Highlanders
 90 Harry Statham
 Royal Garrison Artillery
 92 Charles Henry Steer
 Royal Garrison Artillery (underage recruit)
 93 Charles Mortimer Hobson
 South Lancs Regiment
 94 Thomas Moreton Cooper WIA
 Royal Engineers
 99 Rev John E S Hackforth Royal Army Chaplains' Department
 100 Dr Edward P L Hughes
 Royal Navy
 Edward McLellan
 106 Joseph Henry Poynton
 108 John Bramson Power  ? Royal Navy
 110 Henry Coldman
 Sherwood Foresters & Labour Corps
 112 Edith Aulton
 Red Cross VAD cook
 113 Samuel Hunt  
 117 Elizabeth Badderley
 Red Cross VAD nurse
 Constance Basford
 Red Cross VAD nurse
 118 Bromley Alfred Basford KIA Leicestershire Regiment
 119 Eva Maude Warwick Red Cross VAD nurse
 123 Frederick Ride
 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
 George W C Eggleston
 Lancashire Fusiliers & RAF
 131 Cheverton Stanley Cope
 Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby)
 131 Noel Frederick Cope
 Oxs & Bucks Light Infantry/Labour Corps
 132 John Leveson Ward
 Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby)
 132 Florence Ward
 Home worker: Red Cross
 Nancy Margaret Ward
 Red Cross VAD nurse
 139 Noel Barrs
 Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby)
 145 Frank Whitaker
 East Kent Regiment
 145 Emma Jane (Nina) Whitaker
 Red Cross VAD cook
 147 Thomas Arnold Brooks